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    I was lucky to get 10c tics to 4 out of 5 shows I asked for, but I got no GA. I WAS LUCKY, SO LUCKY, that I won the GA ticket in the raffle at the pre-party. Because I won it about 6:00 p.m. and I had ordered food, I got there about 6:30 I think. Anyway, I was 4 or 5 people from the rail in front of Mike. It was awesome!! I want to thank the guy from Canada (Calgary I believe) that donated the ticket. I met him and thanked him in person, but was so excited about winning the ticket I forgot his name. I hope in sees this so he knows how much fun I had being in the pit!! I had some nice people around me. Although the guy in front held his camera above his head and directly in my line of sight for several songs during the show. I asked him to lower the camera and he said "I waited in line 5 hours. How long did you wait in line?" So......... is that the standard? You wait in line you get to hold your camera up for long periods of time? Really? But that was minor compared to the awesome show and the other people around me.
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    Great show, but 28 songs compare with denver 39 songs.. need more love to tulsa..
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    This show was great. I'd put it in my top 5. Still considering the Memphis show too, and whether I liked Tulsa better.

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    Yes it is. I was there, so may be a bit biased. It had some great songs I hadn't heard in awhile live. Highlights for me were:
    Hard to Imagine
    Last Exit
    Marker in the sand
    Blood (Includes the bow wow wow Atomic dog tag)
    In My tree (first time hearing it live)
    Really Nice verson of Black too.
    Also it was the anniversary of Johnny Ramone's Birthday so they played I believe in miracles and dedicated it to him as being a great friend to the band.
    Being that I have been to Tulsa many times, it was cool to see this show as the band had never played there before. They seemed to be in a great mood and having a good time. Only thing I wish was that Ed had followed through on the Dirty Frank tease.
    Really the whole 2013-14 tour was amazing, all great shows.
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    carty said:

    Great show, but 28 songs compare with denver 39 songs.. need more love to tulsa..

    29 songs played in Tulsa, I think 38 in Denver
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    Breakerfall was a nice surprise, but the Dirty Frank tease was dirty!!
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    So usually I’m on Facebook but today as I was chatting with Nevan I decided to look up Tulsa on the forum. 
    I’m so overwhelmed by everyone’s comments of love when that kid got on stage. He was absolutely thrilled and loved every single moment of it. 

    Yes he went on and plays the uke, guitar and acts on stage locally. He is a junior in HS now but plans on being in sound engineering and will still continue his theater career. 

    Of course this birthday was such a highlight and i said we would never top it. 
    However, last year, he got to meet Pete Townshend who is his absolute guitar hero. In fact he got to stand right in between Ed and Pete for a photo and I don’t think life gets any better than that. 

    He gets nothing else for birthdays ever. ❤️

    Love, Nevan’s Mom

    He will be coming to a theater near you. I swear. :)
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