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Need some help, for technically challenged. 
Is there an easy way to ensure tracks play in order when listening to bootlegs? The bootlegs are usually 3 "discs" and if downloaded the track numbering is 1 thru 12 or whatever...3 times.  Basically each show has three #1 track listed etc. - and when I play these in my vehicle it plays these first, then all the 2's etc.  Tedious to go and rename them all. 
Any ideas?


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    On iTunes...

    Do you have the discs named with the exact same title? (I have had different discs load under slightly different titles despite being from the same recording bundle.)

    Go into edit and make certain that you have specified disc 1 of 3, disc 2 of 3 and disc 3 of 3. It should download that way, but I had to play around with my REM boxset because it was loading the same way you are experiencing.  If it is labeled this way, the songs should load in order. 

    If you need, I can PM some screenshots to you.  Let me know.  

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