Large Poster Lot for Sale

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Large Poster Lot.
I realize it may be easier to sell piece by piece but I'm going to try as a large lot at first to expedite the sale and hopefully save on shipping.  The lot will include the following:
Seattle 2009 Typewriter x2
Seattle 2009 sasquatch on surfboard
Mountainview 2003
PJ20 Alpine Valley Ballons
1995 Casper through Chicago
1995 Salt Lake City
Pearl Jam/Supergrass 2000 
Missoula 2005
Denver 2006 X2
New York 2003
Seattle Groundwork 2001
Gorge Ape on Wagon
Las Vegas 2003
PJ20 Klausen
Denver 2003 
Missoula 2003
Prague/Katowice/Budapest 2000
Seattle 2000
Las Vegas 2000(10th annivesary)
1998 Salt Lake
Vancouver 2003
Salt Lake 2009
There are also 5 album promo/fan club posters included in the lot as well.
It will include 2 professional artists portfolios which they've been stored in(except the ones in frames).  Those portfolios were  about $200 when purchased new and have many open sleeves for additional posters you may have.
I'll insert the framed posters in the portfolios and ship without the frame to save shipping costs.
I'm going to try and attach pictures of this post of every concert poster.
Shipped to the Continental US $2250

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  • willbarclaywillbarclay Ottawa, Canada Posts: 2,831
    Whoa that's a lot of potatos 
  • If you end up having to sell them individually, I’ll happily take the PJ20 Klausen off your hands!
  • LoujoeLoujoe Posts: 639
    Wow. Super collection. Good luck with sale. ISO NYC if anyone buys lot and wants to trade.
  • All show editions? 
  • mcgavinjmcgavinj Idaho Falls, ID, USAPosts: 311
    All show editions? 
    See now this is where i need help.   I’m not sure how to tell?   Can you lend a hand there?
  • buck502000buck502000 Birthplace of GIBSON guitarPosts: 8,399
    are they signed by the artist?
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  • mcgavinjmcgavinj Idaho Falls, ID, USAPosts: 311
    are they signed by the artist?
    There are a few that appear to be signed by artist.   I’ll list which ones when I get home from work tonight.
  • manitoumanmanitouman In My HeadPosts: 875
    I'd be interested in that 95 Casper - Chicago poster if decide to split or if someone buys the lot and wants to part with it.
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  • mace1229mace1229 Posts: 3,475
    If the OP or buyer decides to split up, I may be interested in vegas 2003
  • Nice collection.
  • YankeeBillYankeeBill Manorville, NYPosts: 123
    I would be interested in NY 2003 if you don't sell the lot.

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  • mcgavinjmcgavinj Idaho Falls, ID, USAPosts: 311
    Thanks for reading and for any comments.  I believe I've responded to everyone inquiries.  I'll keep you posted.
  • Interested in the Prague/Katowice/Budapest/Ljubljana if you split the lot.  Looking for awhile to frame with a setlist.
  • Love the Vancouver 03
    Been looking for that one 
  • I’d be interested in Seattle 2000. I was at that show and bought the poster but then me and a buddy stayed out drinking a few bottles of wine after the show and my poster got soaked from the rain. I still have it but it’s very rippled. Good memories though. 
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  • I am interested, PM sent
  • mcgavinjmcgavinj Idaho Falls, ID, USAPosts: 311
    Everybody:  Was able to sell the entire lot.  Thanks for everyones interest.  
  • mcgavinj said:
    Everybody:  Was able to sell the entire lot.  Thanks for everyones interest.  
    Congrats!  Good deal for buyer and seller!
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