Pearl Jam to Announce Statewide Effort to End Youth Homelessness

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WATCH: Pearl Jam is announcing a statewide effort to end youth homelessness.

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    Ending Youth Homelessness

    News September 27 2018

    Every year, more than 13,000 unaccompanied young people under the age of 25 experience homelessness in the state of Washington - 1,500 experience homelessness on any given night in Seattle and King County alone.

    Every person deserves a safe and stable home. To achieve this goal, Pearl Jam is banding together with two efforts -- working in coordination -- to end youth homelessness in King County and across Washington State.

    These two initiatives will help prevent young people from becoming homeless in the first place, making it significantly less likely that they will ever experience homelessness as an adult.

    The band will work with All Home on their initiative to ensure that every young person in Seattle and King County has a home by 2020.

    All Home is already executing this work. By using real-time data to see which programs and methods are working--then scaling them up--they are building a coordinated system that is flexible and adaptable. Their efforts resulted in a 22% decrease in youth homelessness from 2017 to 2018.

    Pearl Jam will also support A Way Home Washington’s “Anchor Community” initiative, a pilot program to end youth homelessness in four Washington communities by 2022.

    "On behalf of The Home Shows, we're excited to announce our support for these two coordinated efforts to end youth homelessness in Seattle and Washington State. This is the first major donation to come out of The Home Shows Fund, and we're ready to continue our work with All Home and A Way Home Washington to help make sure every young person in our community has a home,” said Stone Gossard.

    Just as our community came together around The Home Shows, these initiatives will bring together nonprofits, government agencies, businesses, schools, families, and the community, to connect young people with the services they need to exit homelessness quickly, and find permanent and safe housing.

    A huge thank you to all of our partners and fans for making this possible. We look forward to announcing more in the coming days.

    Read All Home’s community plan and visit A Way Home’s Anchor Communities page for more info.

    Photo Credit: Jim Bennett, YouthCare Seattle, September 27, 2018 

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    I love them <3
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    Pearl Jam announces donation to help end youth homelessness

    Seattle Times staff reporter

    A month after holding two-sold out concerts at Seattle’s Safeco Field to raise money to combat homelessness, Pearl Jam revealed that some of the money would go toward ensuring no young people have to live outside.

    The initiative, announced at YouthCare’s Orion Center for homeless youth, was the first major donation the band has awarded since the the Home Shows concerts in early August. On hand for the announcement were Pearl Jam guitarists Mike McCready and Stone Gossard, as well as Washington first lady Trudi Inslee.

    A total of $1.3 million was awarded Thursday, but only $600,000 came from the Home Shows initiative. The rest was from the Raikes Foundation and glassybaby, a hand-blown glass company in Seattle that was a partner on the Home Shows.

    The Seattle Times’ Project Homeless is funded by BECU, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Campion Foundation, the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, Raikes Foundation, Schultz Family Foundation, Seattle Foundation, Seattle Mariners, and Starbucks. The Seattle Times maintains editorial control over Project Homeless content.

    · Find out more about Project Homeless  

    Most of the donation — about $1.2 million — will go toward a Seattle and King County effort to end youth homelessness by the year 2020, overseen by All Home, the county’s regional homeless-coordinating agency.

    The rest of the money will help fund the initial stages of a new Anchor Community initiative by the nonprofit A Way Home Washington to end youth homelessness in the Washington counties of Pierce, Spokane, Yakima and Walla Walla by 2022. All four counties applied to be an Anchor Community, but A Way Home officials hope to eventually expand the program statewide, with support from other philanthropic organizations.

    Pearl Jam determined how to allocate funds raised from the concerts, as well as from philanthropic and individual donations, with the help of an informal advisory board. The board is made up of homeless-service providers and members of the philanthropic community, including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Raikes Foundation, Schultz Family Foundation, Seattle Foundation, all four of which help fund The Seattle Times’ Project Homeless.

    Speaking at Thursday’s news conference, McCready, Pearl Jam’s lead guitarist, reiterated his belief that Seattle has to lead the way on ending homelessness if any progress is to be made.

    “If we can’t do it here,” McCready said, “we can’t do it anywhere.”

    An estimated 1,518 unaccompanied young people under age 25 were considered homeless during this year’s King County one-night homeless count, according to All Home. Three-quarters of them had no shelter on the night of the January count and a third identified as LGBTQ.

    A Way Home has said there are roughly 13,000 so-called unaccompanied youth — kids who are not in the custody of a parent or guardian -who access homeless services across the state.

    In early August, Pearl Jam reported they had raised around $11 million for homeless initiatives, a number they planned to firm up next week, when they announce how the rest of the money will be spent.

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    Thanks, guys. You make us proud to be fans.
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    Thanks, guys. You make us proud to be fans.

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    it's so refreshing in today's environment to see people in the public eye trying to do so much good.  these guys are amazing.  proud of them.
  • pjhawks said:
    it's so refreshing in today's environment to see people in the public eye trying to do so much good.  these guys are amazing.  proud of them.
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    These shows were my first trip to Seattle..never sen so many tents line city streets. Well done PJ
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    I have so much respect for them. 
    The way they continue to use their positions of success for the betterment of others is so admirable. 
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    I admire them immensely for this.  They are sharing their good fortune with the people in their community and improving life for many people. 
    I love that they are helping people!
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    Very cool. 
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