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FS 1 ticket for Fenway N1 - Sunday


I have an extra ticket for this Sunday's show at Fenway. Section PC02. (Really far back :) ) Face value of course. PM if interested.



  • FlameryFlamery New YorkPosts: 245
    Sending message
  • StrykerStryker Upstate, NYPosts: 583
    PM sent 
  • AD62725AD62725 Posts: 10
    I'd like to play a guessing game to choose who gets to buy the ticket: Guess my favorite song from Vs and from Yield.

    The one who guesses right (or closest to by track number) wins the game.

    PM your answer.

    I'll announce the winner later today or tomorrow morning at the latest.

  • AD62725AD62725 Posts: 10
    Seems like the ticket drop was generous and I still have this ticket available. PM if interested.
  • I will try my luck. Indifference and in hiding. 
  • Would love the ticket if u still have. Ill go with rearviewmirror and in hiding. 
  • osegallosegall Posts: 9
    Rearviewmirror for sure and in hiding. Trying to get a ticket for my sister , her husband is taking thier 9yr to his first concert ever so i want to buy her ticket so she can be there too. 
  • AD62725AD62725 Posts: 10
    edited September 2018
    One tie = all tie (sorry, I seem to be having more fun with this than I expected  =) )

    There are 4 of you in the game that is a cap: releasemeVT, foriginalsin, osegall and  JamTemple.

    So, same deal: guess my fav song from Vitalogy and Backspacer. Please read if someone else already chose a song to avoid another tie, so no PMs this time. If you repeat a choice, you are out.

    BTW, the answer was Rearviewmirror and Do the Evolution.

    Someone asked about what was the face value and that is $110.

    Thank you playing along and good luck!
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  • I will go with Corduroy and Amongst the Waves. Good luck.
  • VT running away with it. Going once.
  • I'm Boston bound. Will be offline for some hours.

    Going twice. Will close this out once I'm there.
  • Last call. No games left. Whoever gets back to me first gets the ticket. Thanks.
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