Chicago Wrigley Field 2018 Hoodie

If anyone that went to either Chicago Wrigley Field show purchased one of these in XL and is now having second thoughts about it, please let me know. I had an opportunity to purchase one and passed, now I am wishing I would have grabbed one. The 'flippers' have them all over eBay, but I refuse to give them any of my money. Thanks!


  • FYI ... I got one of these finally, yeah me!
  • YourDirtisMyfoodYourDirtisMyfood BostonPosts: 3,689
    Nice!  eBay?
  • hairjordanhairjordan Posts: 6
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    Nice!  eBay?
    Yeah, found one that wasn't that much more than what they cost at the merch tent & eBay was running a '15% off everything' coupon + FREE shipping, so ended up getting it right at the same price as I would have at the tent!
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