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Nope, not happening: Speedy and I WERE looking for 2 tickets to Fenway, night 1...

JTHJTH ChicagoPosts: 3,235
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...and we DON'T GIVE A RAT'S ASS where the seats are as long as the price is right.Yes, that's right, I'm looking to sit with Speedy McCready at the show.  May God have mercy on my soul!
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  • QuarterToTenQuarterToTen Cincinnati, OhioPosts: 3,603
    Even God won't be able to save you on this one! 
    You are a very brave man  :)
    Nice shirt.
  • JTHJTH ChicagoPosts: 3,235
    Not looking anymore. Speedy can go fuck himself.

    However, if YOU are looking, I know a guy with tickets...
  • kid canadakid canada TorontoPosts: 428
    PM sent!
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