Is Fenway Worth It?

Went to the Seattle shows and Missoula. On the fence about traveling to Boston for night 1 at Fenway. Won't be cheap. For those who have been, is it worth it? Also, looks like it may be tough to get a ticket.


  • It is so worth it, trust me.
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    Can't be any worse than missoula.
  • N1 TIX are very pricey. Have a hotel booked but might be listening to the show from outside on sidewalk. :)
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    I wasn't going to say anything just out of the blue, but since you did ask, I am amazed at the number of people just getting around to trying to buy their Fenway tix NOW! I realize a few people have been looking for awhile, and a few others may have only just gotten the opportunity to go (like a work commitment was cancelled or something).  But it's clear that a LOT of people are just now deciding to go, and especially when they're like "ISO 2 tix for Fenway N1 or N2, already booked plane and hotel" I'm like "Really? Now?"  

    I don't know what makes it "worth it" for each person, other than whatever is different about the Boston vibe, Fenway is smallest of Fenway Wrigley and Safeco, and it's the last 2 shows of the series, so sure there are probably some aspects that make it "worth it" right on the surface.  And it's live PJ!  But given how scarce the tix are and what it looks like some people are paying, not sure anyone can answer the "worth it" question for you, only you know how much you have to sacrifice to make it or maybe it's no biggie for you where it would be a huge deal for someone else.
  • Considering that Night #1 at Fenway is the Sunday of Labor Day weekend, I would say that it is a tough ticket because almost everyone gets the next day off.  Like JH6056 said, only you can determine if it's worth it to you.  If you need one ticket, you can probably find a 10C'er who has a last minute cancellation, and you can pay face value.  If you need two, you are basically at the mercy of the secondary market.  Good luck with that.

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    The answer is no, but I'll see you there :)
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    Boston gets the most consistently great shows.
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    I dunno, Philly gets some consistently great shows too!  Starting in '98, it's been pretty amazing.  Hartford too, although Hartford isn't a "market" like Philly and Boston are.
  • I agree that Hartford gets great shows. 2013 kicked ass. Crown of Thorns wow wow wow.
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    stone won’t be there. plus, massholes are massholes.
    If I had known then what I know now...

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    Why won't Stone be there?
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    Hartford in ‘08 was the best with the pepper spray incident on the way out when the fence got knocked down.
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    JB198244 said:
    Hartford in ‘08 was the best with the pepper spray incident on the way out when the fence got knocked down.
    Pepper spray wasn't 2008.  98, I think.
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    CopperTom said:
    JB198244 said:
    Hartford in ‘08 was the best with the pepper spray incident on the way out when the fence got knocked down.
    Pepper spray wasn't 2008.  98, I think.
    I think it was ‘96. 

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    It was '96.  '08 was a fantastic show at Hartford, but no pepper spray. '96 and '98 were great there too!

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    I was at Seattle and Missoula and also Boston and Chicago in 2016. I will preface this by saying I've been to about 50 shows.  I would go to Boston if you really want the experience of seeing a really cool town and really enjoy the baseball history of Fenway.  I had a blast in Boston, but the show was on par with pretty much every other show I go to.  Super fun and exciting but no different than the other 50 shows I have seen for the most part.  But I am also not the guy that is always saying every show I go to is the greatest show ever.  They are all unique and fun but also somewhat similar, at least in my humble opinion.  
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    The only ‘bad’ Hartford show was 2006. Weather sucked and band seemed ready to leave.
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      I went to the second '16 show and the sound was great which I was a little worried about considering it isn't a regular concert venue.  If you like baseball and haven't been to Fenway its definitely a place to see at some point.  Games are generally cheaper than concerts though!
  • Wrigley 2 was my first show and I need to go to another one.  The cost of the tickets are the only thing keeping me from using my Southwest points to fly out for Fenway N1.
  • I decided this needs to happen.  Flight is booked, getting there Sunday afternoon and just heading to the airport after the show for a Monday AM flight.  Well maybe hanging out with some of you good people after the show then to the airport.  I will be solo.  As one of the newest Ten Club members, hope I get the chance to meet some of you guys.
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