Fenway tickets

hey everyone
was looking for turf seats for sept 2 show..
all expensive but taking my 20 year old with me who is dying to see pearl jam... she has grown up on them! Was concerned that many say they are ADA accessible...
i think this means for handicapped, which we are not
am i able to purchase these... don’t want to 
if its generally a very bad thing... i was assuming they haven’t sold which is why they are on the many different sites
any ideas???


  • deadendpdeadendp Northeast OhioPosts: 9,523
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    If you don't need ADA, don't buy them.  It's like parking in a handicapped spot when you don't need it and don't have a placard for it. 

    Look on GTF for tickets.  Lots of PJ fans here have tickets available for different shows.  
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  • rkong5rkong5 Posts: 4
    Thanks ...appreciate it!
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