So thankful/excited to be going to Wrigley

Hey all,
I usually don't share much serious stuff here, but just feel like I need to today.  The run-up to these shows has been so different than ever before for me this year.  About 2-3 months ago vision in one of my eyes started getting slightly worse, and doctors discovered some type of mass and blood vessel issues above and behind my eye.  I've been on so many appointments, MRI's, CT scans, etc that it's hard to keep count.  All along I had a weird feeling that I would be having an operation right about now and had just been preparing myself to have to miss both Wrigley shows.  I have been going in and out of the city more than I ever have in my life to some of the best eye/neuro ocular surgeon doctors in the region.  They're telling me it's just a super rare case because they can't tell exactly what it is and it's in such a difficult area.  So the sort of good news I've just gotten is they are really as hopeful as they can be that it's not the absolute worst types of things it could be, which is great to hear, but the whole thing keeps dragging on with no certain end in sight as of now.

So my good news this week is I get to go to both shows now after all.  I know that there are a lot of people out there going through a whole lot of worse things than me and I'm not trying to be over dramatic.  Like all of you, I get so pumped for weeks/months ahead of time for upcoming PJ shows and just haven't been able to this time due to this.  So now I'm getting all my pre-show excitement crammed into a couple days and just gotta say I am so happy to be coming in for the celebration with all you fellow crazy fans.  I'll still be going for some merch I'm sure as usual, but this time I really want to try to remember to just relax if I don't get every piece of merch I wanted, enjoy EVERY single song that the band plays, and just have as much fun as possible.. Thanks for reading and hope to meet so many of you out in Wrigley as usual.
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  • DissidentmanDissidentman Posts: 15,377
    Enjoy the shows!
  • Ray J. T.Ray J. T. Posts: 3,593
    Stay positive. Wishing you a speedy recovery, and glad to see that you will be enjoying the shows. This will be another great back to back shows to remember. 
  • BLACK35BLACK35 Hanover, Ontario Posts: 21,154
    Enjoy the shows and have a great time!!!
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  • Thank you all!!
    No time to be void or save up on life, you gotta spend it all.
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