Does McCready have bad technique?



  • “First off, nobody cares if you know how to play scales. Nobody gives a shit if you have good technique or not. It's whether you have feelings that you want to express with music, that's what counts, really. When you are able to express yourself and feel good, then you know why you're playing. The technical aspect is absolute hogwash as far as I'm concerned. It bores me to tears. I can't play fast. I don't even know my scales. I know that most of the notes I play aren't where I play them. They're simply not there. So you can play any note you like. I think about it on another level, I don't care about that sort of shit. On the other hand, I appreciate really great guitarists, and I'm very impressed by those metal groups with their scale guitarists. When I see that, I go «Holy shit, that's really something». Satriani and Eddie Van Halen are guitar geniuses. They are incredible musicians, at an amazing level. But it does't really grab me. One note will do."

    -Neil Young
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    I think part of the reason he may sound "sloppy" (and I use that term loosley), is because they play songs (especially the older ones) so incredibly fast now. Look at the rock n roll hall of fame version of Alive. They slowed it down a bit and played it closer to the album version rather than his improv solos. I thought it sounded great. When they slow down, he sounds much better. 
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    Mike is playing awesome this tour.  I never heard anyone at the three shows I went to say “did you just see Mike’s technique!!!!”
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    non traditional? yes.  bad? no.
    "Well, I think this band is incapable of sucking."
    -my dad after hearing Not for You for the first time on SNL .
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    Jesus, what a douchey thing to say.  This guy must be a blast a parties.  
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    Was it this guy?:

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    I see it this way. If you bring Joe Satriani or Steve Vai into Pearl Jam - yes, the musicianship and "technique" greatly improve. Example: Satriani w/Chickenfoot & Deep Purple and Vai w/Roth & Whitesnake. But Mike and Stone are the guitar sound of PJ. It doesn't exist without them. This band will not continue without Mike and Stone. I don't want to hear "technicians" play Animal or Nothing As It Seems. That's never been the point.

    I read an Eddie Van Halen interview back in the 90's and he was asked about the two Pearl Jam guitarists and said something to the effect of "ah...they're all right I guess". But he said if you really wanna listen to guys shred on guitar, then PJ is not that band. Fair enough EVH. I love Van Halen, but I'd rather hear PJ over VH in 2018 any day of the week.
  • This thread cracks me up.  OP where you having a few when you posted this?  I would love to see Mikes reaction of any guitar player coming up to him and saying "Hey Mike, you're a great guitar player and I respect your work but your technique needs a little work"
    TBH I think Mike would be the first person to agree with you. Any great instrumentalist always has a list of people they aspire to play like. I'm sure Mike goes through the same phases of being annoyed at his playing that we all do
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