Night 2 setlist shirt. PLEASE!

Like so many people we have to leave glorious Seattle and heard back to our families. If anyone is willing to grab me a large setlist Tshirt for night 2 and ship it to me in Vancouver I would be eternally grateful and of course pay for it plus a top up.  Please and thanks. Send me a message if you are willing.  I know it’s a lot but that was probably the best set I have seen in the 12 shows I have been to and would love to have one of the setlist shirts. 

Thanks to anyone considering helping me out. And thanks to Seattle for being such a wonderful host. 
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  • SaravaSarava Naperville, ILPosts: 1,572
    Out of curiosity, what time do they normally start selling these setlist shirts the next day? Asking in advance for Wrigley's sake.
    I had no idea this was even a thing! If anyone has access I’d be forever grateful! 
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  • coach pjcoach pj Posts: 169
    We had to leave early this morning as well. If anyone could pick me up an xl set list shirt I wiuld be grateful and pay through PayPal.

    Thanks in advance
  • Would LOVE a night 1 in Large.  I know it's a long shot.  My wife and I left Thursday morning after the show.  Would gladly pay and gift some PJ somethings I have 
    (It's not an impressive list)
    • Double eyed cowboy poster for LB tour Oakland
    • No Code rubber stamp
    • a few random 45's 
    • the other three patches from the home show patch set (I want the one of the show I attended)
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    Could someone post a pic of this shirt as I didn’t know they even existed and can’t find a pic online of the Wrigley one. 
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  • BM114737BM114737 Posts: 14
    Sadly, shirts were sold out by 1:45pm.  Unclear to me why the limit on purchases was 10/person.  There was plenty of demand to use non-flipper limits and still sell out.
  • These need to be sold online as well, we had to leave early in the morning so shut out of getting the Seattle night 2 shirt.
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