Kenny Wayne motherfucking Shepherd!

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googlE the 2015 Summerfest show. OMFG.
If I had known then what I know now...

Vegas 93, Vegas 98, Vegas 00 (10 year show), Vegas 03, Vegas 06
VIC 07
EV LA1 08
Seattle1 09, Seattle2 09, Salt Lake 09, LA4 09
Columbus 10
EV LA 11
Vancouver 11
Missoula 12
Portland 13, Spokane 13
St. Paul 14, Denver 14
Philly I & II, 16


  • Saw him when he was like 15 y/o blow the roof
    off Union Station in St Louis. Opened for some Allman brother relative’s band. Saw him again locally back in 2000 here at the Blue
    Note - have some great photos I developed from the show. Also ended up drinking many beers with him after the show. Cool dude.
  • Doink317Doink317 Indianapolis Posts: 77
    Saw him last year at Bourbon & Beyond! Very good!
  • darwinstheorydarwinstheory LaPorte, INPosts: 2,403
    Saw him 3 times when I was younger. Dude is fan-freakin-tastic!

    Got him to autograph my guitar when I was 17 and it was bad ass! But then, I couldn't dare learn to play on it after that. I was young and could afford another guitar. So I never learned to play. Fast forward to me being 29. My sister got my nephew a guitar, but I knew she'd never help with encouragement or lessons. I didn't want him to have the same regrets I had about not learning, so I decided to use it to learn myself so i could help teach my nephew. Naturally, the autograph was ruined/removed/wiped away. Aaaannnd the nephew never tried to learn anyhow. So, it was all for nothing but a lost KWSB autographed guitar. And I have learned to play some, which is fun. But that signed guitar I had 6 years ago would be more badass than any of my Wrigley posters hanging in my basement.

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  • Those dark photos are in a matte finish, these photos I took don’t quite do them justice!
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