Band Together to Fight Homelessness

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Band Together to Fight Homelessness
News June 7 2018

We set out to create The Home Shows — a program of Pearl Jam’s Vitalogy Foundation to fight homelessness in King County — because we’re proud to call Seattle and the Pacific Northwest home.

Today, King County has the third largest homeless population in the country, with more than 12,000 people experiencing homelessness. Homelessness in King County has doubled since 2014.

While we know there are many complex reasons for this crisis, our response to it must be united: no child, adult, or family should have to experience homelessness.

Many people and organizations are already working hard to improve the lives of our homeless neighbors. These staffers and volunteers are on the front lines of this crisis each day — and they know the solutions:

  • Stopping homelessness before it starts;
  • Working with people or families experiencing homelessness to get them into housing or connected to other support;
  • Connecting people to affordable, permanent housing;
  • And breaking down silos that have stood in the way of region-wide collaboration.

We are doing what we can as one band to speak out and take action. 
Now, we need you.

Band together with us to fight homelessness.

Sign up for The Home Shows mailing list to get compelling stories and information about homelessness and concrete ways you can help get involved like volunteering or donating to organizations making a difference. Plus exclusive Home Shows merch, products, and sweepstakes!

Fighting homelessness is going to take all of us, and it’s going to take commitment long after those final notes are played on August 10th at Safeco Field.

- Mike, Stone, Jeff, Matt, and Ed

We’re honored to join a growing list of partners and supporters in this initiative and want to thank them for already committing nearly $9 million to alleviating homelessness.

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    Exhibit A for "why I fucking love this band."
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    Checking out the volunteer opportunity page -- what a great way to give back to the city we once called home!

    You know, the Vitalogy Foundation could auction off chances to do volunteer work with band members and make a real killing. When I told my husband about this, his immediate response was, "Cool! Which one is Ed doing?"  ;)
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    I seriously love you guys, all this is bringing tears to my eyes.  Seeing your city come together like this to take a stand against homelessness is inspiring, it's actually more than that...I don't even have words for it and I've never seen anything like it.  I grew up in San Jose CA and still call the Bay Area my home.  The homeless situation out here has been bad my whole life but it's so much worse now with the cost of living being out of control.  There are tent cities everywhere.  I've always done small things to help but it would be so great if someone with a platform would do something similar here....we need it bad.  Thank you for promoting donors choose...such a great way to make a real difference in a classroom <3  
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