Mad cool festival madrid

Did any ten club members attend this gig? I was there and the whole thing sucked. Couldn’t get anywhere near the band because of a vip area blocking the front of stage. When I did get in the crowd it was a complete crush. Worst organisation of any festival if pearl jam play here again I would urge people not to travel for it. I’m from Scotland so I came to Barcelona and Madrid to see pearl jam and get a holiday out of it. I wish I had just booked the Barcelona show. Set list was outstanding.


  • hotracerhotracer Posts: 10
    Did you have VIP or normal?

  • SpinTheLastExitSpinTheLastExit Edinburgh, ScotlandPosts: 259
    Yep, I was there and it was pretty disastrous. Probably the worst organisation I've ever seen at a gathering of people ever. 
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  • wall232wall232 New YorkPosts: 1,153
    Zero organization at Mad Cool. The organizers need to go to NOS to see how a festival should be run. 

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