Election Fraud!!



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    it's kinda sad in this country when these are our choices. a whiny party with no ideas, versus a self-righteous party of wrong ideas.

    i hope that somehow they can work together now. Maybe if they can each get their heads out of their own asses they can work together. Think about it. One party (don't care which) comes up with ideas then the other party helps point out flaws and they work together to come up with solutions that are best for the people / country and not what's best for helping the parties win more elections. If the congress / gov't works together to make improvements for the people, the other part (winning elections) will take care of itself.
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  • One of the reason that there was not more outcry in this election is because the exit polling matched the results of the election, which was not the case in the Bush/Kerry election. The '04 election was only time they were widely different, which caused concern for the democrats. According to the exit polls, John Kerry would have won in both Ohio and Florida.

    Another reason for outcry was that the republican governor of Ohio, and chairman of the board of Diebold voting machines promised the election to George W. He later said he regretted making that statement, but it certainly was cause for concern

    There was also documentation of long voter lines in poorer, mostly democratic areas (some people had to wait more than 6-8 hours) in the '04 election while in the more republican districts there were plenty of voting machines and very small wait times. See the movie Hacking Democracy.

    In Virginia Allen cased the polling places to see if there were irregularities and none were found, which is why he conceded the election. I'm sure if he felt there were major discrepancies, he would have fought the results and demanded a recount.

    I'm sure there were irregularities on a smaller scale, which is a real shame. We take the time to go out and vote because we, republicans and democrats alike, want our voices heard. We want things to be fair. Election fraud can hurt both sides, and I think we need a system that is more accountable with better records (paper trail) kept.
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    jeffbr wrote:
    So the Diebold machines that we've heard nothing but negativity about and that were so unreliable in 2000 and 2004 suddenly fixed themselves in 2006?

    Maybe the other reason we're not hearing about it is because the traditional complainers won, and hence have nothing to complain about.

    oh, there is all sorts of complaining...just read through this thread...the non-traditional complainers have found a straw to grasp...;)
  • i thought you were too busy shotgunning beers and smashing the empty cans on your head to have a thought on politics...hahahahahahaha

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  • NCBRI wrote:

    RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - The FBI says it is looking into reports of voter intimidation in several Virginia counties. Jean Jensen is the secretary of the State Board of Elections. She says the FBI is investigating because the State Board of Elections lacks investigative power. Jensen says voters in Covington, Hampton and Colonial Heights and the counties of Accomack, Chesterfield, Northampton and Fairfax reported getting telephone calls in recent days falsely informing them their voting place had changed. Arlington County resident Timothy Daly says he got a phone message Sunday from the so-called Virginia Elections Commission. Daly was told he was registered to vote in New York. But Daly says he has been registered to vote in Virginia since 1998. He says he has filed a criminal complaint with local prosecutors.

    (Copyright 2006 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

    There was an article on the local paper here in Toronto about the same thing, but it pointed out problems in like 5 states. The most disturbing of which was in Tuscan (sp) AZ where at one place Hispanic voters were approached by 3 men (one of them armed) and asked about who they were voting for and stuff. They EVEN got it on tape and it was reported to the FBI.
    In another state sample ballots were given to people listing the Republican candidates as Democrat, and vise versa. I hope those complaints don't die either cause shit like that Tuscan (sp) thing reminds me of shit that happens in the third world...shouldn't happen in the so-called land of the free.
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  • Pacomc79 wrote:
    I wouldn't mind getting a recipt when I vote.

    And it really isn't that much to ask, ATMs seem to have no problem with it and it would help end these discussions. The mountains of problems stemming from electronic voting machines is undeniable.
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    And it really isn't that much to ask, ATMs seem to have no problem with it and it would help end these discussions. The mountains of problems stemming from electronic voting machines is undeniable.

    Totally agree. I'd love to see the entire system beefed up, much like electronic banking. Better processes, tighter security, stricter auditing, paper trails (like receipts). All of these things could help get rid of the current issues, and make voting more accurate and efficient. The machine I used printed my votes, but kept the printout. It wouldn't be hard for it to print 2 copies, and shoot one of them out of the machine for the voter to take with them.
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  • I ran out of beer.

    i just sprayed V8 out of my nose laughing at that...

    no, not really...but that was funny...and i don't drink V8
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    maybe. if that is the case, why arent the republicans raising hell about it?

    or perhaps the dems were just whining in 2000 and 2004 and the diebold machines work ok. besides, i recall them being more enraged at the fact that in certain states, black people were being turned away for no good reason. the people claiming there was a diebold conspiracy are the same kind of people claiming jesus told them personally dubya was the best choice for president.

    they worked perfectly when in 2004 machines in NC 'accidentally' deleted a couple thousand votes...

    maybe there was fraud, maybe they thought there was too much of a spotlight or maybe they thought it doesn't matter, now things will be deadlocked and nothing will get done, really...the dems might have the houses but they don't have the voted to override a veto.

    and i hate to tell jeffbr, but most of the ppl complaining weren't dems.
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    El_Kabong wrote:
    and i hate to tell jeffbr, but most of the ppl complaining weren't dems.

    Maybe not. I just know that we heard nothing but complaining after 2000 and 2004, even right up to these elections, and yet after the 2006 elections we heard nothing but the sound of silence, with a few quiet reports of irregularities and malfunctions.

    I'd like nothing more than to have all of these issues fixed and bring integrity back into the process.
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  • Microscope a little bigger on voter fraud and the cons.

    Getting harder to cheat.
  • re: republicans are better losers

    The allegations of voter intimidation were reported to be against minorities supporting democrats, not republicans. As were the reports of thousands of voters wrongly deemed to be 'ineligible'.

    It stands to reason that if Republicans were not the target of these things, they would not complain about it. Give yourself a big pat on the back for not making stuff up.

    It stands to reason that winners don't complain about rule breaches against them. If you watch sports, you know the winning team rarely complains about the refs.
  • Congrats for your election results...
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    WindNoSail wrote:
    I just read another post in another thread pre election anticipating the failure of the machines, and I saw the media reports beforehand prepping our subconscious for the possibiltiy of fraud...now, eerily silent.

    If you are so afraid of the media and the US govt working together to affect the populace as you have stated in our other thread, then maybe you should fear this election fraud point I brought up. If the Dems lost, we would have heard something about disenfranchised voters, fraud, etc. Seems to me the only party that uses that argument is the Dem Party. And the media is complicet only when it serves them...that is exactly what you should be afraid of, but you aren't because it doesn't fit your agenda.

    I just think you would better serve us if you were consistent in your fears, or independent in your thinking, that's all.

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    chopitdown wrote:
    no victim mentality

    Excellent point.
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    vaggar99 said:
    Very scary. And worse when people who know these systems are scared as well:
    “Oh, I’m damn scared,” Simons says about the threat from governments like Putin’s. “I’m not saying everyone else should be, but I am. A little knowledge can be disconcerting.”

    Luckily Trump is meeting with Putin soon, and I'm sure he'll use his superior negotiating skills to make Vlad stop meddling. Imagine if it was Mexico hacking our voting systems. Trump would be declaring war and sending troops.
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