Need one ticket for Seattle 8/8 (Wed show)

I have a buddy who hasn't seen a PJ show. Need one extra ticket for him for the wednesday show in seattle 8/8. Thanks!


  • dm239064dm239064 Posts: 5
    Hi, still looking for one ticket to the Wednesday 8/8 show if anyone out there has one. My buddy will certainly appreciate his first PJ show ever!

  • dm239064dm239064 Posts: 5
    Still looking for one ticket to Seattle 8/8 show. Please help! 
  • dm239064dm239064 Posts: 5
    I'll take a transfer or any other ticket available. Just need one for the Wednesday Seattle show! Thanks, cheers. 
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    Back in February, had the good fortune to win the ability to purchase two tickets August 8 show in the Ten Club pre-sale contest.  My credit card was charged back in February and the email that came on February 12 said that instructions for accessing the tickets on my phone would be coming in early July.  Haven't seen any instructions yet.  Early July is turning into Mid-July.  When will information be coming?  Excited to attend this Home Show!
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    Still looking for 8/8? I might be able to help you out. I have a pair for that show but can no longer attend. DM me if interested.

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    SOLD FS Seattle N1 Reserved Seat Section 234 .  PM me/ paypal :)
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