CANCER !!!!!!

Have a big problem, actually a very annoying problem.
Have 2 tickets for Amsterdam 06-13-2018 via the Ten club.
Was a suprise for my girlfriend.
My girlfriend has now been admitted to the hospital as a matter of urgency.
Diagnosis : Colon Cancer.
Must be operated urgently.
Will take months of recovery.
So unfortunately we can not go to the concert.
How can I cancel these tickets ?
Please help !!!!!


  • hedonisthedonist standing on the edge of foreverPosts: 19,287
    I'm not sure if you can cancel, but email the Ten Club to see what if any options you have.

    Best of luck and healing to your girlfriend.
  • jeffbrjeffbr SeattlePosts: 6,091
    Good luck, eembe002. I hope your girlfriend has successful treatment and a good prognosis. I'm sure it is frightening to be dealing with.
    Unfortunately, 10c tickets are non-refundable regardless of the reason. I tried when I found myself unexpectedly in the hospital for emergency surgery in 2013 the day of the Seattle show. I sent email, and also provided a 10c member friend with a copy of my ID, my ticket confirmation, and a letter I wrote asking them to release the tickets to him (so that he could provide a couple of other 10c members some tickets). Unfortunately 10c didn't do anything except say NO. They were happy to keep the tickets themselves to give to someone of their choice, but wouldn't grant me the same ability. So I ate them. I was in no position to go back and forth with them. Consequently, I no longer buy 10c tickets for PJ shows since I have no ability to see months into the future. Between the cost, the lack of seat location, and the uncertainty about the future, it simply makes more sense to buy from TM, where I know where my seats will be, and I know I can sell, gift or transfer them at will. 
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    Sending healing thoughts your way.
    For ticket questions please contact the Ten Club at [email protected]

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery

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