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Hello , I have a question . I get in the draw two tickets for the consert in Berlin and have now a performance myself on that day. Can I sell the tickets here? Is ist possible to sell also the member ticket or only the second one. If I can sell them here, is someone interested? And another question? My credit card has been booked, but I don´t have the tickets. Can I only get them at the entrance of the concert with my identity card? And if so, how can I sell them here? I´m a bit confused , first time I participated in a draw and it all seems to be very restrictive.Thankful for answers.
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    For European shows, you can sell both tickets. 

    You (the 10c member) must pick the tickets up day of show.  You will need to use your ID.  They will give you physical tickets that you will be able to pass on. No one else can pick these tickets up from will call but you.  

    And yes, you can sell both tickets here, but you may only sell them here for what you paid.  (Face value.) 

    Good luck! 
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    Like deadendp mentioned you need to be in Berlin on the day of the show to pick up the tickets and hand them off to a fan for face value. If you are unable to make it to Berlin you have to forfeit the tickets with no refund. If this is your only option let 10 club know and they will donate them to another fan. 
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