ISO Seattle 2 ticket

riley540riley540 Bellingham WAPosts: 875
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hello all! 

I am in search for a Seattle night 2 single ticket. I would love for the ticket to be GA, but would be happy with anything honestly. 

I can pay face value, and help you with Merch lines or similar, if that’s your thing. 

Thank you you very much! 
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  • riley540riley540 Bellingham WAPosts: 875
    anyone please. :)
  • riley540riley540 Bellingham WAPosts: 875
  • c_rosen_25c_rosen_25 Posts: 9
    I have a night 2 reserved ticket available, let me know!
  • duffmannduffmann PHILLYPosts: 250
    I'm Interested. I can Paypal you if the ticket is still available!
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  • JamesNJamesN Fort LauderdalePosts: 135
    I also have a spare night 2 reserved coming
    from 10C... 

    Wasn't looking too good but I was feeling real well...
  • pray for mojopray for mojo Posts: 101
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    Tickets have been sold
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