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The Undertow Jeremy Enigk Living Room Tour: Cleveland.  4/11/18.

Just went to my first living room show.  It was incredible. What about you?  Have you gone to a living room show/house concert?  If you have, what are your thoughts?  
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    deadendp said:
    Just went to my first living room show.  It was incredible. What about you?  Have you gone to a living room show?  If you have, what are your thoughts? 
    The Undertow Jeremy Enigk Living Room Tour: Cleveland.  4/11/18.

    I was absolutely blown away by the living room show last night...
    LOVE the concept and the execution was flawless!!
    The intimate setting made for an excellent evening of acoustic music,
    and everyone there seemed very comfortable.
    Jeremy really opened up and I don't know if I'm more excited for the show,
    or the news he told us that Return Of The Frog Queen is going to be re-issued on vinyl by Sub-Pop!!
    Thanks for sharing your yoga mat with me too!! :wink:

    Here's the setlist from the show if you'd like to see what was played...
    We got almost all of the songs on his new album Ghosts.
    The only ones not played were Victory and Empty Row

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    I agree and that house was built for music! 

    Jeremy is Jeremy.  He is how he sounds and needs no fixing.  Fabulous personality and a great way to see him for the first time.  

    Still smiling. So good!  :smile:
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    several years ago I went to a house concert. Suppose probably the same thing as a living room show. it was Tom Wilson of Junkhouse/Lee Harvey Osmond/Blackie and the Rodeo Kings. Easily one of the most unique and memorable shows I've ever been to. Super cool. Sitting on a couch 5 feet away listening to one of my musical idols playing and telling stories about his life. amazing. 
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    I saw The Trashcan Sinatras at a house concert several years was very intimate and personal.    The weird thing was seeing their merch table in the entry way!
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    Jeremy is doing the tour on his own.  His friend could have come with him last month, but the tour was postponed to this month due to east coast weather.  It was funny watching him swing on in the door, get himself all situated and roll on into playing some fabulous music.  I agree, HFD, amazing to be within feet of all of that great music.  Sitting on a floor.  Sharing a folded up yoga mat with a friend.  Taking it all in.  :smile: 

    On the way back, we were discussing the house.  It is old and pretty big.  Turns out it was built in 1900 and the room that Jeremy played in is listed as a "recital room" so the house really was built for music!  It had a performance stage built on in!  

    Because you both described house concerts as being what you attended, I did change the title a bit to reflect that.  It was an amazingly interesting concert to attend and I will certainly be willing to experience a living room show/house concert again.  
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    saw Alec Ounsworth from Clap Your Hands Say Yeah a couple of weeks ago. I agree with Amy and Dave! These are some of the coolest ways to see a musician. I also got to chat with him after the show. I wish Jeremy was playing down this way.

    setlist was almost identical to this one:

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    I'm envious of you all who have experienced these settings!  I thought it couldn't get any better than seeing a band I love in a small venue, but that?  Whole new level of intimacy.

    So many musicians on my list.

    (DEP - :hug: )
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    ^^^ Right back at you, Jedi.  :kiss:
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