Looking for a single GA to Wrigley 1 or 2

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Just wanted to take a moment and introduce myself to the community. I was a 10c member from ‘99 but in the late 2000’s life got busy, kids came along and I let my membership expire. I renewed a few years ago. I’m going to be honest, I was never one for any kind of social media, or internet forums, in fact I avoided them all. So I don’t really know anyone here.  Last year I started participating in the 10c forums and I realized I have been missing something special all these years. We are all here for one common love. It’s been really great speaking with some of you and the positivity you all spread is special. PJ concerts have been far and few between these last bunch of years but I was able to swing some time off this summer. I entered the lottery for GA for both Wrigley nights and lost. I know these tickets are scarce but if there is anyone in the community with an extra GA for either night, I would appreciate that you keep me in mind. I’d be taking the family on a road trip from Toronto and because it was my 40th birthday this past February, my wife is happy to let me go to the show while she stays back with the kids. (I know, she’s a good one). I thank all of you for welcoming me after all these years. Pleae consider me if you have an extra ticket for Wrigley 1 or 2. Thanks. 

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