ISO of PJ T Shirt / Hoodie Please Help

stickmanstickman Posts: 878
So today is my son’s 11th Birthday and I gave him a ticket to Fenway 1 as part of his gift.  It will be his first ever concert.  Was hoping to try and and find a couple PJ shirts or something cool for him as well.  Like maybe the Halloween shirts or something. I don’t think there is much “youth” stuff out there,  so Adult Small will suffice.  

If you have something let know, sorry I can’t be specific but there is sooo much out there. 

Any help, feedback, suggestions would be greatly appreciated and accepted ! 

I just want to keep him excited for the show over to next six months .



  • AZAAZA Posts: 62
    I have a red 2012 Amsterdam tour shirt that shrunk when I washed it, has been worn once. Was originally a MENS M but now is definitely a MENS S. PM if interested.
  • hihobibohihobibo Tampa, FLPosts: 362
    Did you try looking on Ames Bros? They usually have a few PJ shirts in stock, particularly small sizes.
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