Has anyone heard if they may add more dates to the US Tour?  I'm so sad I didn't get tickets to Seattle or Chicago.  I guess I should have just dealt with the obstructed view seats that were available.  :(


  • drakeheuer14drakeheuer14 Posts: 2,199
    Obstructed view would never be worth it to me. If you just want to hear the show, buy the bootleg after. 

    A little patience and I am sure there will be more shows ahead. Just maybe not this year. 
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  • Yeah, I agree.  I want to be able to see them.  
  • AJ96071AJ96071 Posts: 13
    You can see them even with obstructed view.. I've had obstructed seats a few times and you can always see the band
  • DalirockDalirock Posts: 60
    They will probably release more tickets to the baseball stadium shows as it gets closer. Thats how I got to g to Fenway 1 two years ago!
    Fenway seems to do this for most shows 
  • Gingerlou77Gingerlou77 Posts: 425
    Tickets are popping up, there's time yet...!
  • tschavtschav Posts: 1,488
    Tickets should become available a little before the US shows. 10c members will have singles as extras as well.

    You also have the option for rooftops in Wrigley, just need to find the right rooftop on Sheffield that gives you a chance to see a sliver of the stage.
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