Men Of Golden Words

My wife sketched this up after Chris Cornell died. I wanted to share it with the fans. Rest in peace Andrew, Kurt, Layne, and Chris.
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  • FifthelementFifthelement LotuslandPosts: 6,035
    ^^^ Nice work.  Thanks for sharing.
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  • hauntingfamiliarhauntingfamiliar Wilmington, NCPosts: 9,861
  • THE LOOKTHE LOOK Posts: 324

    That is great work! I always wished I could seems that it would be extremely therapeutic!

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  • JvitaccoJvitacco ChicagoPosts: 11
    Beautifully done!

  • evsgjammevsgjamm Posts: 1,896
    Love it. Such a tragically saddening sketch. She did a fantastic job.
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