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Official: 2018 Home Shows vs Away Shows Ticket ISO/For Sale Thread



  • JV275432JV275432 Posts: 134
    Need 2 for Seattle 2. 
  • My pals and I are flying in from Montreal for Seattle - nights 1 and 2.
    I have 2 GA tix for night 1 already (thank you pre-sale draw).
    What I need are 4 tix "anywhere in the building together" for night 2 ( I know, a HUGE ask)
    Sitting here watching ticketmaster clocking for nearly 3 hours now isnt looking promising.
    If anyone can assist with 4 tickets together for the friday night, pre-drinks are on me!
  • kilo223kilo223 GuatemalaPosts: 76
    Trying my luck! Need Seattle Night One GA, I will buy you a PJ tshirt if you make my dream come true ✌️
    2015 - Mexico City, Mexico
    2016 - FT Lauderdale, Florida
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    2018 - Seattle N1, Wash
    2018 - Seattle N2, Wash
  • Jasper60Jasper60 Posts: 6
    edited February 2018
    I have1 Wrigley night 1 GA I want to trade for 1 Fenway night 1 (low 10c number) ticket :)
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  • ShectoriusShectorius Posts: 2
    edited February 2018
    Looking for 1 GA ticket for both Wrigley shows
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  • In2DeepIn2Deep Posts: 494
    Need 1 to Boston 1. Buy or may have 1 Seattle GA for night 2 to offer for trade. 
  • CHalvey7CHalvey7 Posts: 4
    edited February 2018

    Looking for 1 GA ticket for both Wrigley shows traveling from NY. Have 2 reserve extras for Wrigley night 2.

  • Also Looking for 1 GA ticket for both Wrigley shows traveling from OR. Have 2 reserve extras for Wrigley night 2.

  • 1upstate1upstate near Syracuse NY Posts: 201
    TRADE ONLY - SINGLE - Seattle 2 GA for SINGLE Chicago 1 GA
    "I know I was born and I know that I'll die. The in between is mine"
  • babslokababsloka Posts: 22
    edited February 2018
    I have one extra ticket for Seattle GA PIT night 1 (Aug 8) and I'm looking for trading it for a GA PIT for the 2nd show on Aug the 10th. Anyone???
  • kasedougkasedoug The Golden StatePosts: 2,746
    edited February 2018
    kasedoug said:
    ISO one GA for Seattle Night 1. Friend coming with me asked to bring his girlfriend. Please let me know if you have an extra. Thanks!
    Scratch that. They got their own tickets. I now have one GA for Seattle Night 1 8/8 available.

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  • SJD3232SJD3232 Posts: 2,166
    In need of 1 GA Wrigley N1 — please

  • Looking for 1 GA ticket for both Wrigley shows traveling from NY. Also, Have 2 reserve extras for Wrigley night 2. 
  • Looking for 2 Wrigley ga 8/18 to buy please if any ten clubbers have an extra to sell . Due to rules understand can't be same sale. Will buy asap as we r trying to bring kids with. 
  • Looking to swap my Wrigley night 2 GA for your Wrigley night 1 GA.  Where's all the night 1 singles?
  • campkayacampkaya Posts: 11
    edited March 2018
    Looking for 1 for Wrigley night 1, please, if someone has an extra to sell.
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  • MN2MN2 Posts: 12
    Looking to trade my two Ticketmaster pre-sale tickets for Monday, 8/20 Wrigley in exchange for two tickets to Saturday, 8/20 show.
  • riley540riley540 Bellingham WAPosts: 1,014
    Just looking for 1 Seattle night 2, GA, so my brother can join my fiancé and I :) 

  • In2DeepIn2Deep Posts: 494
    Still looking for one 10C boston for night 9/2. Help!
  • Need 1 or 2 N1 GA for Chicago. PM me please. 
  • ottuschottusch DetPosts: 7
    ISO Chicago N1, thanks 
  • FT: Ten Club Ticket for Night 1 Seattle ISO: Ten Club Ticket for Night 2 Seattle 
    Ten Club #206XXX
    Email Me at [email protected]
  • AprilliesAprillies VancouverPosts: 13
    ISO Chicago N1 or N2 can trade for 2 TC Reserved Missoula 
    a truant finds home
  • RicsardRicsard Posts: 1,941
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    I need a Chicago 1 ticket (10c)
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  • WaitnSince67WaitnSince67 Milton, Ontario CanadaPosts: 56
    edited April 2018
    I have an extra Seattle night one (10 Club) reserved available.  I am looking to either trade or purchase Seattle Night 2 GA.

    Thanks for putting this up! 
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    Seattle Night 2 (August 10, 2018)
  • ShectoriusShectorius Posts: 2
    edited February 2018
    Looking for 1 GA to either Chicago show. Huge fan private message if you can help
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  • AB39318AB39318 TexasPosts: 38
    I have extra Seattle Night 1 Reserved 10C ticket, looking to trade for Missoula.
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  • I have a spare 10C Reserved Seating ticket for Seattle Night 1. Im travelling over from the UK with my family, but wife and daughter have other plans that night. If your happy drinking beer, and sitting/standing with a Brit, then PM me if you are interested.

    10 club number ***725
  • SamSam Posts: 45
    ISO 1 GA  Missoula.
    My story, in September I was traveling with my family on the way to Yellowstone when I suffered a stroke and ended up at Missoula Providence St. Patrick Hospital where I received excellent care. My husband and daughter  were with me and our trip was cut short. I received 2 GA tickets through the 10 club and would lover to have a great Missoula memory with my family to replace that one in September so I just need one GA ticket. Thanks Jamily!!! 
    p.s. I'm recovering, still in therapy, did the women's march and I'm confident I can have a great GA experience 11 months after my stroke thanks to great support, family & Pearl Jam .
  • I’m looking to purchase 3 tickets to night 1 at Fenway if anyone’s plans change. Was trying like hell to score them in the pre and general sales to bring kids...thanks for any considerations
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