Would anyone swap 2 Wrigley Field tickets on Aug. 18 for 2 Fenway tickets on Sept. 2?

Just found out good friends of mine will be getting married labor day weekend and I HAVE to be there....yet I don't want to miss out on seeing my most favorite band play.  If there is anyway someone would be willing to swap tickets with me (I have 2 Fenway tickets and am looking to trade for 2 Wrigley tickets).  Please get back to me ASAP!

Thank you!


  • bflynn1bflynn1 Posts: 1,195
    You'll only be able to transfer one of the tickets
  • oh really?  There aren't any exceptions?  :(  This sucks.
  • pjl44pjl44 Posts: 3,299
    No exceptions. Been the policy for years.
  • I would talke your one transfer if needed! I don’t have wrigley I do have Germany though! I cannot make that show... just throwing it out there. 
  • sent you a PM
  • whatdudewhatdude Posts: 120
    Also sent a PM. 
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  • bpekny10bpekny10 Posts: 27
    If your Fenway 9/2 tix are not fan club I'm willing to buy them off of you 
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