ISO: PJ Built to Last Hoodie & 2003 Official Boots

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Looking to buy or trade for an XL PJ Built to Last Hoodie. I am looking for it to be the condition that you would want to receive it in. I look to wear it as much as possible!

I have also never owned a PJ Hat. I like wearing hats. I have seen many cool hats over the years. So I would also trade for or a cool hat.

Also looking for 2003 Boots:

#20 4/08/03 New Orleans, LA
#21 4/09/03 Birmingham, LA
#22 4/11/03 West Palm Beach, FL
#23 4/13/03 Tampa, FL
#28 4/21/03 Lexington, KY
#33 4/28/03 Philadelphia, PA
#40 6/01/03 Mountain View, CA
#41 6/02/03 Irvine, CA
#54 6/21/03 East Troy, WI
#60 6/29/03 Montreal, Quebec
#61 7/01/03 Bristow, VA
#64 7/05/03 Camden, NJ

I am looking for these in cared for and scratch free condition, with their original sleeves.

I am willing to buy or trade some things that I have. I have a few posters, some 7" vinyl (holiday singles), or some sealed LP's.

Posters for trade are:
EV Hartford - Tom Tommorrow,
PJ Hartford 2013,
PJ Worcestor Night 2,
EV 2012 NYC Night 2 Jermaine John Lennon S/N,
Fenway 2016 Posters

Sealed LP's:
Jack White Reverse Lightning Bolt 
Smashing Pumpkins Gish
KISS Monster
Audioslave Out of Exile (Blue Vinyl)
Mötley Crüe a Girls,Girls,Girls
No Alternative RSD VINYL

Many other Sealed Albums too, and other posters, and other odds and ends, just reply and we will figure it out. 

All items are in the condition I would expect to receive them in.

Will also do cash.

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  • stickmanstickman Posts: 868
    Still looking... :)
  • stickmanstickman Posts: 868
    Still looking ....
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