Bittersweet Tour

I’m incredibly pumped for the Boston shows this year!  I can’t wait for the build up throughout the spring and summer, listening to all the old shows I’ve been to and planning the before show festivities.  It’s all part of the fun.

This year though I will be doing so without my Pearl Jam buddy Jon as he passed away last August in a car accident.  This would be a time where Jon and I would be discussing with excitement the tour and finding out if we got TC tix or do we have to battle it out on Ticketmaster for night 1 shows etc.  Some of my best PJ memories are the PJ20 shows and Worcester 2013 with him.  Anyways I know he’s in a better place rocking out to Pearl Jam and I like to think he helped make sure I got both nights in Boston via the TC.  Thanks Buddy!  

His favorite song was Animal, I can’t friggin wait to hear it in September!  


  • HobbesHobbes Pacific NorthwestPosts: 4,012
    Play "Animal". Play it loud!
  • BSullyBSully IndianaPosts: 500
    Very touching story, sorry to hear about your buddy...
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    Sorry to hear about your buddy. The wife and I will be attending Boston and I really hope they play Animal for you
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  • JimmyVJimmyV Boston's MetroWestPosts: 12,445
    Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. Do it up right this year and have a blast in his honor. Sounds like he would have wanted you to.

    Officially hoping we all get to hear Animal in September!

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  • Animal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Thanks everyone for the kind thoughts!  Yeah I can’t wait to hear it.  Luckily during a 2 show stay in a city I would think there is a good chance!
  • Ray J. T.Ray J. T. Posts: 3,537
    Sorry for your loss. I hope you have a blast in Boston in memory of your friend. He most certainly would want for you to live through him in the upcoming shows.  Cheers. 
  • Play Animal in Boston!!!!
  • Hope they play it!
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  • Thanks again guys and gals, means a lot!
  • iwasatpj20iwasatpj20 Rockford, ILPosts: 2,919
    Go to the tour and keep your friend's memory in mind when the music plays.  Sorry to hear about your friend
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  • JH6056JH6056 Posts: 1,718
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    Have an amazing time at the shows and I hope you feel your friend's energy many times during the show, rocking out with you!

    I'll be at both Boston shows so if they play Animal, I'll rock out with you and your friend extra hard ;:BigHugs::
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