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Wanting to start collecting some posters. Not sure where to start, can anyone give me pointers? How do I know which’s ones are more rare/special? Thanks in advance!


  • Oh Gawd.

    Don't do it. Highly addictive. And once you're done... you'll have a portfolio of posters that just sit inside your portfolio. Kind of like wasted money.

    If you're going to do it... get the posters from the shows you've been too.

    Never mind. It's fun. Go ahead. If you're thinking of a poster... you can see values on expressobeans (website).
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  • hihobibohihobibo Tampa, FLPosts: 733
    Look in the lost dogs section, pull up the mystery box threads from early last year and you'll see what people were hoping for. The main 3 seem to be 2013 Pittsburgh,  the Cracker Jack and the "Kong" that looks like a donkey Kong poster. Unfortunately those all sell for a lot of money. I try to stick with posters that cost around $50-60 shipped. 
  • I personally just stick to collecting from the shows I've been to. For some reason having a poster from a show I didn't attend seems strange to me, but obviously lots of people do it. I second what the other user said about, great website for gauging values. The worst part is being in the merch line before a show and having it sell out just before you get there, happened a couple times to me.

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    I started out collecting a lot of posters but it got to be too much to fast.  Now I just collect the posters for shows I went to and also the ones where I like the art work.  When collecting posters, it can get expensive especially when factoring in framing costs as well.  
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  • I went to rehab for collecting! Still have many unframed and pry will only get ones from shows that I attend now. I always will look out for to catch the Holy Grail's. But yeah it gets expensive and eventually you have to be like why am I spending all this money. But it is super fun though. 
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  • SJD3232SJD3232 Posts: 2,173
    Check out - lots of cool poster collections on there. Also, check out some of the Facebook groups. If you want, shoot me a PM.

    Good luck! It’s a fun(expensive) journey!!
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