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My husband and I share one 10C membership under my name and our personal email address.  We each have our own Ticketmaster accounts. My Ticketmaster account uses my work email which is different from my 10C email.  I signed up for the Ticketmaster Presale with both of our Ticketmaster accounts.  I received two email acknowledgments from Ticketmaster (one for each Ticketmaster account).  1- is this allowed since I only have one Ten Club account?  2- If this is not allowed and I am only eligible for one Ticketmaster verified fan Presale will I have a problem since my 10C email and my Ticketmaster email are different?


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    1. I don't think so. 
    2. I believe so. 
    3. I would make sure that the two emails match from 10c to verified fan. 

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    @ deadendp - Thank you for the help!  I am going to change the email on my ticketmaster to match my 10C email and re-submit.  I think there was something mentioned on the verified fan presale that you could edit and it would take the latest version of the submission??? 
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    I don't believe 10c has anything to do with the TM Verified Fan Presale (other than announcing it to us). That is strictly a Ticketmaster thing. Yes, they worked with the band to create a Verified Fan presale, but it is still strictly a TM presale. Your 10c email shouldn't have anything to do with it. It is just a way for TM to verify that your TM account isn't a broker account or bot account. There are many TM Verified Fan presales going on, and some of those bands don't have active fan clubs. Anyone, 10c member or member of the general public, can sign up for the TM Verified Fan presale.
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    Thank you for the additional input!   I think I will try to get some info from Ticketmaster before I do anything.
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