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How often do you change guitar strings?



  • brianluxbrianlux Moving through All Kinds of Terrain.Posts: 33,521
    dudeman said:
    I just went through a couple guitars for a friend. One is an older Washburn acoustic that has been in the case for years with all of the strings on and tuned to pitch. The top is bellied up so badly it has separated from the bracing at the lower bout. The neck has a pretty decent twist too. Repairs will cost more than the guitar is worth.

    The other one is an Allen acoustic that was stored the same way as the Washburn. That one is fine. I was able to adjust the truss rod for proper neck relief, clean and restring and oil the bridge and fretboard. Plays and sounds great.

    It's kind of a crapshoot whether storing guitars with or without strings will cause problems.

    For my own guitars, if I know I won't be playing one for a long time, I tune it a step down and either stick a humidifier or dessicant pack in the case, depending on the season. 

    That sounds like great advice.  I remember hearing the same thing some time ago.
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  • DewieCoxDewieCox Posts: 10,901
    I don’t think it’s necessary. Your guitar has a truss rod countering the pressure of the strings.
  • dudemandudeman Posts: 2,460
    DewieCox said:
    I don’t think it’s necessary. Your guitar has a truss rod countering the pressure of the strings.

    Having seen damage to acoustic guitars after being stored tuned to pitch, I'll err on the side of caution. 
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  • dudemandudeman Posts: 2,460
    brianlux said:
    dudeman said:
    For those of you who don't like changing strings, have you tried locking tuners?

    I bought Sperzel locking tuners for my Strat and it really simplified string changes. I just have to slide the string through the hole in the post, tighten the thumbscrew and tune to pitch. 

    They work great and are very stable, provided I stretch the strings properly. 
    Wow!  I checked out a few short videos on YouTube.  This looks PROMISING!  Anyone had any bad experiences with locking tuners?  If not, I might just have to try a set on one of my guitars!

    Thanks, dudeman!

    Added questions:
    1.  What about locking tuners for acoustic guitars?  Good idea or no?
    2.  What about added weight?  Noticeable?  (Especially concerned again re. acoustic guitars).

    Hipshot Grip-Lock tuners are my new go-to. They work the same as Sperzel or Schaller but they have a nice feeling thumbwheel for the lock. High ratio on the mechanism allows for precise adjustments. 

    I don't feel like they weigh much more than the Grover's they replaced either. The nicest thing is they come with mounting plates that let you install them without drilling new holes for the screws. This means that they won't effect the value of vintage, rare or collectible guitars as the installation is 100% reversible .

    They cost $60.00 for a chrome 3 on a side set and literally took less than 15 minutes to install.
    If hope can grow from dirt like me, it can be done. - EV
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