duh,... sorry im confused.... first time drawing user

all,...can someone enlighten me re: the drawing for the presale? I have been a TC member for a while though, when i log in an follow the step by step instructions, there isn't :s a place to select shows nor any other landing page that appears to be the place to indicate my show preference. is this pre sale page not available yet? 



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    registration open feb 7
    severed hand thirteen

    2006: Gorge 7/23 2008: Hartford 6/27 Beacon 7/1 2009: Spectrum 10/30-31
    2010: Newark 5/18 MSG 5/20-21 2011: PJ20 9/3-4 2012: Made In America 9/2
    2013: Brooklyn 10/18-19 Philly 10/21-22 Hartford 10/25 2014: ACL10/12 2015: NYC 9/23
    2016: Tampa 4/11 Philly 4/28-29 MSG 5/1-2 Fenway 8/5+7 2017: RRHoF 4/7
    2018: Fenway 9/2+9/4

    EV: 8/4-5/2008, 6/21-22/2011
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    TEN CLUB PRESALE - WED, FEB 7 @ 10am PT 
    A special ticket presale for members of Pearl Jam’s Ten Club (current as of January 23, 2018)

    Ten Club Pre-sale: A special ticket pre-sale drawing for all show dates starts February 7th at 10am PT and ends February 12th at 10am PT. This gives fans time to get their travel plans together to make it out to these historic shows. Ten Club has made arrangements to get more tickets than ever before exclusively for our members. We are confident we’ll be able to accommodate most, if not all, drawing entries. Some major changes to how tickets are distributed are noted below.

  • registration open feb 7

  • I was confused too because of the section of language that states something about renewal dates between 1/24 and 2/7. My membership renews February 1st. I also did not receive an email regarding Pre sale drawing.
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