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I have to admit, I let my Ten Club membership lapse for a few years. But recently I've had a PJ renaissance and rejoined. My new member ID is obviously really high, but if I go to My Account > Membership it says "Legacy Pearl Jam Membership (Start: 1996-xx-xx)" Anyone want to take a guess how they would handle seniority?

Thanks all!    
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  • Seniority will be based on you new number.

    "For memberships that have been expired for more than 90 days after the expiration date, the delinquent accounts can be renewed by logging in to the expired account and purchasing a new membership. Membership benefits will start up again on that date of payment. However, a new member number will automatically be assigned and all seniority will be lost."
    2000-08-15 Memphis, TN
    2003-06-24 Columbus, OH
    2004-10-02 Toledo, OH
    2006-05-20 Cleveland, OH
    2006-06-24 Cincinnati, OH
    2008-06-14 Manchester, TN
    2010-05-17 Boston, MA
    2013-10-15 Worcester, MA
    2016-08-05 Boston, MA
    2016-08-07 Boston, MA
    2018-06-18 London, UK
    2018-06-19 London, UK
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    Thank You! Cross my fingers for GA then. 
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