The slur "sh*thole" or "sh*t hole" discussion

Lets talk about the reference "sh*thole" or "sh*t hole" which for the youngsters present and in accordance with forum rules I will refer to hereafter simply as "shole".
There are varying reports about what context Trump used the expression shole, I haven't bothered to read too much into it but there is no doubt those words came from his mouth during a meeting about immigration. The WH hasn't denied it, Trump hasn't denied it and termed the language "harsh", those in the room have confirmed that Trump used the word/phrase "shole countries".
The term shole is undoubtedly a slur a derogatory remark, but is it a racial slur? Was Trump being racist when he referred to predominantly black and brown countries as shole countries. I think the context in which the reference was made is very important, obviously without context the term shole cannot be construed as racial. Lets be honest if we can, many many many people use the word shole. I tend to not use the word but I know it is frequently used by many under and in reference to many many things.
So lets talk about it, is it fair to claim that the use of the word sh*thole when referencing (if that is in fact the case here) predominantly black or brown areas a racial slur?

I don't know if Trump meant it as a racial slur but I tend to think not. Although I don't condone using that term in reference to anything let alone people or places even in private behind closed doors among confidants is appropriate for a POTUS. As I said I dont use the term but it is still derogatory/ugly and shouldn't be used by a president.
This isn't a thread about if or if Trump is not racist, this is about the term and its reference. Any thoughts arise?
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    Silly Trump, s***hole is only acceptable if talking about Chicago.  Everybody knows that!
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    Seriously? A shithole is colloquially used to mean a place lacking the luxuries the user of that word is used to. Trump has lived in such obscene opulence that anything outside of Trump Tower is probably a shithole to him (and am I going crazy or did he once say that about the White House too). 
    And honestly, why should people waste time with this? I don't care about the insensitive words this guy uses - I only care about the actions he implements which produce real harm. This is another Trumpian distraction, which he creates either intentionally or not.
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  • A world leader is supposed to be diplomatic for countless reasons.

    When a world leader refers to other countries as such... it creates tensions and threatens world peace in multiple ways. We are trying to find harmony on this little rock in space. Trump routinely disrupts this and has set us back.

    He's a f**king piece of shit. Accept it.
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    We have a thread about this going already. A new one isn't needed and it's just more ugliness. Please use the other thread. Thank you.
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