Gun Greets Barrel First

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Bartering butchers sunbath in their wares,
Cohorts build schemes of betrayal whilst the penniless share...

Random tails move through snails,
From ear to ear the campaign smear.
Over much time they speak and grow minds.
Crop-circled wastelands grow matter gray.
Ponds of jelly -once the oceans recede.
The air filters warmth for the global hunger-strike farm.
Food for buying thought and options in twelve sheep stock.
The follow no one except the goat of wooly fathered nun.
Treat the water to drink as stagnates float in their collective stink.
Trust your first response; lie down or seek the gun.
Gun greets barrel first; pull me back to refill your purse.
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    Now that is how to speak your mind. I applaud.
    I'm stepping in front of the gushing hydrant in a hurricane. I'd like to see the traction I keep.
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