written on the spot

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Halfway to mexico
quart of rum in my hand
walking knee deep in

Found two dollars on the ground
Made me smile - because I was
broke...and horny

Whores are cheap down there
They enjoy their work
They do it with a smile

Don't drink the water
It's a myth...and a bad one
Be a man, in Mexico

Big mustaches are in style
Magnum must of been
a real influence on their grooming

Border patrol don't smell the goods
They only want the gringo money
Who's guarding Who?

If you hated it, feel free to tell me so. I just made it up as I went. One line after another. Try it.
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  • k mucho mejor
    dos pesos
    de la paradisio???

    na me gusta nada

    me amore instantanio compostisiones
    Nosotros nunca escuchamos la voz adentro
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    I like the style, its good. Spontaneous writing.
    'Fox hunting is barbaric, the people who do it are a bunch of snobby tories with stupid posh accents. Oh damn, i didn't say that - damn, what a giveaway...'
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    Long ago
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