'Let's Play Two' 8-Bit Game



  • Bummer I just scored 6169 with Matt and can’t submit. Wouldn’t be first place but I’m definitely close, sucks it doesn’t work right. 
  • rockpantsrockpants BCPosts: 830
    Yeah, finally got the time to play & I can't submit my scores. Tried Firefox & Chrome, so I don't think it's browser-specific. Wonder what's goin' on?
  • A Mike Patton FanA Mike Patton Fan Near MilwaukeePosts: 29
    This game pretty much bites!!  First time, I played it on my iPad I did well.  2nd I played it on my Dell laptop with Stone & Ed & I hit it in practically in the same spot in right field.  The only thing I enjoy about this game is the 8-bit music to "Jeremy".  :|
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