Somehow I’ve got to turn my mind around

this state I’m in doesn’t feel right

its dark

I used to wake up with a buoyancy of spirit but

now I feel backwards or upside down

wallowing in the mud of disappointment

and l’ve lost the glowing core I once took for granted

dark side of the moon, wrong side of the world

some days lost in a salt mine

I wonder what happened in the middle of the story?

what did I do wrong?

I must have done something wrong.

And I don’t know what!

I work all the time and try all the time but

I've lost my hope

like the unfortunate child who can’t hang on to a pair of mittens 

this darkness is not what I want

I’d rather wear some gloves and play in the snow!

In fact, I want a snow day soon

the clean beauty

the surprise and that feeling of open space and time

do you remember the magic of that blanket of white?

the pureness of the air and the coziness of home?



  • ShynerShyner Posts: 1,226
    I lift myself up
    Prayin to the lord
    It's okay
    We are different
    It's okay
    Giving it all away
    I fall on the ground
    It's my curse
    To fall away
    When I'm home
    I pray to the lord
    It's okay
    I hope we're the same
    It's okay
    We are different
    Stumbling through
    Foreign land
    No one
    Offers a hand
    But soon
    I shall be home
    Prayin to my lord
    I hope
    It's okay

  • justamjustam Posts: 21,306
    Do you really think prayer is helpful?  I've never really been a person who prays or believes there's some holy father out in the clouds. 
  • ShynerShyner Posts: 1,226
    For some people i think prayer is vital. 

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