Her pain

I'll never forgive you
I'll never forget
The hate within her pain
Designed to drive me away
I'll never kiss you
I'll never ask why
The hate in her face
Designed to hypnotize


  • ShynerShyner Posts: 1,226
    I love her
    She hates me
    I can see 
    Both sides
    Getting by
    On love
    But love
    Is her lie
    And in time
    As she falls
    Before me
    I have built
    An engine
    Ready to kiss
    But her kiss
    Is shame
    On my name
    I'm leaving
    Pain behind

  • ShynerShyner Posts: 1,226
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    Thread dying after release
    If you please let me in
    Where the world
    Is friendly
    I'm begging for inception
    If you collect
    I'll send you a recollection
    Songs of hope
    Splattered with pain
    Practically showing off
    My brains on a plate
    Hoping your hungry
    While my heart beats alone
    Pick up the damn phone
    Before you go
    You can call
    I'll never leave
    Never wanna die
    Im in the cemetary
    Because i am worn
    So open the doors
    And let me in
    Save me from ink
    The needle and the damage
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