Walks Among The Stars

Sorry, world, Canada’s closed today

There’s been a death in the family

Worry, unfurled, our comfort betrayed

Please grant us amnesty

Words don’t do it justice

The essential substance

A giant who walked amongst us

His unwillingness to show reluctance

With deflated hearts

Both dull and heavy

Don’t say goodbye

“See you in twenty”

With each stride, lights fires

He walks among the stars

With every glide, he inspires

He talks, we discover who we are


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  • DarthMaeglinDarthMaeglin TorontoPosts: 1,087
    Thanks for sharing this, a fitting and beautiful tribute (to echo the post above).
    "The world is full of idiots and I am but one of them."

    10-30-1991 Toronto, Toronto 1 & 2 2016
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