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I just wanted to order the vault #7 vinly and stumbled upon the shipping rate. How is that rate calculated? For an order in early 2017 containing an analog member item, a backpack and stuff I paid 15$ combined, which I consider a fair price. For the vinyl I am supposed to pay 45$? That is almost the price of the item itself! 


  • I was wondering about this as well...Standard International Shipping to UK at $43.99. It sounds very expensive!
  • Hey, 
    Ditto. I'm in Canada - just over the border - actually be cheaper in gas for me to drive to Seattle than to pay the shipping on the record. How can it cost 31$ US to ship a single album like, 200km? 
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    Are we expecting an answer in this thread?  

    I've stopped ordering most things from 10C due to the shipping costs.
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