Shapes with meaning

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Notes are shapes, symbols, that represent measured sound

rests are symbols that represent measured silence

they are equal

notes are heard

silence is not heard, but it is felt

notes bounce along, songs ring out

sometimes they stop in non-sound

during that silence between sound

listeners are wondering what comes next

Will there be a sound?

What will it be?

Will the musical story continue?

and then later,

How is the sound related to what came before?

Where are the notes that hold the pitch going?

constant noise is overwhelming

like a non-stop talker, a prattling bore

even constant humming can be too much for a person

but silences that are too long start to feel like the end of a song

painful silence

the seeker of wondrous surprises,

he never wants the song to end!

I know how that is

I used to feel that way too

just once upon a time

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  • ShynerShyner Posts: 1,226
    When i play guitar i always rush through my songs never resting because I'm scared it's not good enough. 

    I need the rest note though and to slow it down. 
    Thanks for this thoughts justam
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