Highland Love

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Thought I'd share some poetry of mine. Hope you enjoy it!


On a windswept hill
In a faraway land
She calls out his name
Through the battering wind
And her cries go unheard
As he rides through the valley
In the harsh countryside
That has claimed so many

Her tears are swept
Across an uncovered shoulder
And get lost in the parade
Of the afternoon rain
Showing scars of her battle
The pains of her travel
Tell the story from after
She left her stubborn father

Now all seems lost
As her cries fly away
And she slumps to her knees
On this midwinter day
She curses herself
For choosing an uncaring family above
The one she dreams of
The warrior she loves...
"...follow the strangest tribe..." - pj



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  • yeah thats good.
    'Fox hunting is barbaric, the people who do it are a bunch of snobby tories with stupid posh accents. Oh damn, i didn't say that - damn, what a giveaway...'
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    Thanks. If your still around
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