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assuming that in Corduroy, Ed sings "spilled my tincture", what do you think he means? Interested in what you guys thought.
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  • Like most pj songs this could mean a lot of things. Im not sure myself but one things for sure he is probably using them lines as a metaphore. read between the lines man.
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    Fuck me if you only hear whats in your head.
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  • To JesterTGame's point their songs take a lot of shapes, Alive is probably the greatest example of that. I think Corduroy has a couple meanings in my opinion. It's about a desperate single sided inequitable relationship that created ambivalence, resentment and anger. And that realization that EV found and outlet. The jacket is a myth.
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    My thoughts on that metaphor are
    Rated r and kids are reading so I'm
    Gonna have to lie

    I always thought he said spilled my t shirt
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    brianflow, interesting take - accurate too about the relationship comment.

    "Corduroy" also means forming / laying down a road; perhaps that ties into "I'll take the firmest path"?  Taking his entrance back, creating it himself if possible.

    I believe this was written during a time where fans elevated Ed to a demi-god status with with he wasn't comfortable, which felt invasive.  Maybe the tincture line is related to people knocking over his drink in their frenzy to get to him.

    I don't know.  I love how lyrics can be interpreted so differently.
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