ISO Raleigh Poster/Large Shirt

I know this is a major long shot, but I am actually from Raleigh and go to NC State (the t shirt design is from our mascot), but was attending Bonnaroo this past weekend and did not have service to pick either of these items up. I am willing to pay a reasonable amount over face value including shipping. Remember I am a college student, so "reasonable" may have two different meanings to us.

Poster- $50
Shirt- $40
Both together-$100

I know these are well below "market value", but after meeting a lot of 10 club members at Bonnaroo and feeling the family aspect of this group for the first time, I am hoping that somewhere on these boards, someone will see how much this means to me, even though I don't have much to offer, and help me find a way to make this happen.

Thank you so much,


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