FS: LOST DOGS vinyl LP and 63 (of 72) 2000 Bootlegs lot sale



  • EdmontonEdmonton Posts: 83
    Thanks for the shout out RoleModels - that's what I love about this community; everyone keeps the others posted on interests.  I'll keep you in mind, TracyP - when I sell of the bootlegs (if someone doesn't also pick up the LP) I'll drop you a line.
    I was hoping to sell as a lot, but if that doesn't pan out, eventually I'll sell them off in groups, JV and Medoz.  To sell them off one piece a at a time is just too expensive with shipping on each.  Perhaps it would be a good idea to sell them off with minimum groups of 7 or so?  That might be the best plan, eh?
  • tracypawlaktracypawlak Posts: 44
    Thanks @Edmonton!
  • bflynn1bflynn1 Posts: 1,278
    I'd take a group of them as well if you end up doing it that way.
  • PillowPantsPillowPants Posts: 4,824
    i'd be interested in lost dogs on its own 
  • EdmontonEdmonton Posts: 83
    Thanks for the input, gang.  I think I'll leave it as is for the rest of May (in case there is that someone out there who needs most of the 2000 boots and wants a sweet deal on the LD LP), and then if not, I'll sell them off in smaller chunks after that.  I'm guessing the best bet would be a new post that lists all the available boots so that as I sell them, I can update that list so that anyone interested knows which ones are still available, eh?  
  • EdmontonEdmonton Posts: 83
    End of weekend bump for this entire package (all the listed 2000 boots and Lost Dog vinyl LP) - $800 (usd) plus shipping from Canada - OBRO.  
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