Awesome Leafs Playoff Tix For Sale to help send PJ family to Disney!

Hey all, I know there's a big Toronto contingent here so I thought I'd put this up here.

I am part of a PJ fan group called Amongst the Waves (name chosen for the optimistic nature of the song, not because it's necessarily one of their best) that bands together every now and then to raise dough for PJ fans who are experiencing a tough time. We are currently raising money to send a family on a trip to Disney whose Mom got a rough diagnosis. We want the family to get this trip in while she has the most energy possible, and since the medical situation is fluid the trip should be ASAP! I'm lucky enough to have a pair of Leafs playoffs tix to Game 4 against the Caps, next Wed April 19, that I would like to sell to help fundraise for this trip. The tix are section 117 row 15 seats 9 and 10, so they're pretty awesome. If you are interested in buying these tix to help support this Mom and her fam pls message me! Check out the link below for info on the sitch and feel free to join the group. Please share especially if you are in Toronto and know someone who might be interested in these tix! Thx all :)


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