ALS Softball Fundraiser

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In November of 2016, my father was diagnosed with ALS.

Here in Charlotte, we have an organization called the Joe Martin Foundation that assists families dealing with this disease.

The assistance is free and we are under no obligation to repay the Foundation for their support.

Because of that reason, I felt the need to give back and help raise money for this organization.

I helped create the 1st Annual Rivalry Softball Challenge. Attached is a link. On July 15th, I will be playing in game to support my dad's battle with ALS. If you would like to sponsor me, just click my link, or you can donate to the overall cause.

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    That's awesome, man! My Dad passed after a short & intense battle with ALS & I have been involved in the ALS community ever since. They are certainly making progress in their efforts to treat this horrible disease & I would be more than happy to contribute. Wishing the best for your Dad and for the rest of your friends and family.

  • BlackCircleBlackCircle Charlotte, NCPosts: 288
    Thank you Matt! My family and the Joe Martin Foundation appreciate your support.
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  • BlackCircleBlackCircle Charlotte, NCPosts: 288
    ThanK you everyone
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