RAK: Seven Days of Christmas!! (Free Giveaway:) w/ 12/23 Update



  • RW8297RW8297 Posts: 1,333
    This is so cool! Merry Christmas!
  • BIGDaddyWilBIGDaddyWil MichiganPosts: 2,434
    Unbelievable! Happy Holidays everyone!!!
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  • northerndragonnortherndragon somewhere, nowhere, anywherePosts: 9,671
    Hey jj, super cool of you to do. Good news is I have an US address I can use so I'm still in the running. =)

    Merry Christmas dude.
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  • Very generous! Thanks!
  • shaneapellomshaneapellom University Heights, OHPosts: 56
    I better post now so I dont forget after surgery tomorrow morning! 2016 can end on a high note.
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  • madtowndavemadtowndave Minneapolis, MNPosts: 3,951
    Way to spread some holiday cheer!
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  • MyFathersSonMyFathersSon Chicago, ILPosts: 114
    Merry Christmas to you as well! Very nice thing for you to do.
  • pawlowski1097pawlowski1097 Philadelphia, PAPosts: 412
    Cool move, merry Christmas
  • Very generous of you!!! What a true PJ fan should be!!!
  • pj8pj8 Posts: 389
    You rock for doing this. Merry Christmas!
  • TFlyerTFlyer DMV (dc,md,va)Posts: 881
    Wow this is awesome! Merry RAKmas to all!

    Great gesture. :rock_on:
  • Very cool. Merry Xmas!
  • JB23237JB23237 Posts: 1,240
    Thanks for doing this. Merry xmas man
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  • cmaliszecmalisze Posts: 2,179
    Happy Holidays! Thanks.
  • KC138045KC138045 Columbus, OHPosts: 2,669
    Very kind of you. Merry Christmas!
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  • WildFlyWildFly Posts: 168
    Peace to all for a wonderful 2016! All have a great Holiday! Thank you for the kind generosity!!
  • RoleModelsinBlood31RoleModelsinBlood31 Austin TXPosts: 4,915
    2016 rocked and now for a better 2017! Thanks JJ!!!
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  • SD48277SD48277 Woodstock, NYPosts: 12,192
    Awesomeness. :plus_one: This was a great year to be a PJ fan, indeed. Not only great shows, but the opportunity to meet several folks from the boards (including the OP). May 2017 be even better. :smile:
  • JF129758JF129758 East Northport, NYPosts: 61
    That is very generous of you! Have a blessed holiday!
  • Indifference71Indifference71 ChicagoPosts: 13,264
    Very cool. 2016 was a great year for PJ!
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  • EM194007EM194007 Posts: 2,784
    Very grateful and generous thing to do jjflash. Merry Christmas to you and your family.
  • weekapaug19weekapaug19 Posts: 2,226
    Awesome. Mystery prizes are the best kind. Happy holidays!!
  • Hitch24Hitch24 Buffalo, NYPosts: 9
    Very cool!! Happy holidays to all!!
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  • mcgruff10mcgruff10 New JerseyPosts: 20,049
    What an awesome gesture! Happy holidays and happy new year!
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  • JH171442JH171442 Posts: 198
    Thanks. Happy holidays
  • samjamsamjam New YorkPosts: 9,283
    This is way awesome! Thank you! :)
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    I'll let you sleep with my sister......
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  • Amazing generosity! Happy holidays and new year to all!
  • Pearl34JamPearl34Jam TNPosts: 1,073
    This is great! Merry Christmas!
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  • ehbaconehbacon Posts: 1,931
    That's awesome! Happy Holidays
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